What telephone cables has joined together, let no IP technology separate – Unify and Enterprise Group cooperation nowadays


What telephone cables has joined together, let no IP technology separate 1 Matheser Dániel

In the past, we have worked representing the same logo, and we have been spreading communication systems based on fixed line voice telephony in Hungary and – especially Siemens AG – in Europe. We have been keeping alive the values of the common past with continuous work, and it results in the fact that Enterprise Communications Magyarország Kft. has the highest possible Master level of partnership in all sizes of Unify systems. This capability is rare and valuable, the company is among the four partners located in the surrounding countries that have this kind of partner level and this is the reason for the fact that it requires us to do our job with continuous focused work, education and gaining of experience. Apart from the benefits of the high-level partnership, it ends in the value of having a team of professionals with who we able to provide the required skillset to meet the parameters of the most rigorous and most critical availability requirements. These results not only the outcome of our work which should make us proud, but the fundamentals of long-term domestic and international success.

What telephone cables has joined together, let no IP technology separate 4

Today the market trends require the thinking of complex telecommunications systems which has the main feature of eliminated borders. It has two major aspects: the sharp dividing line between information and communication technology has been blurred, so as the borderline between domestic and international projects as a part of the realization of ambitious business plans. For now the only way is to move to – or stay on – a long-term growth path if it is able to develop complex solutions. Enterprise Communications Magyarország Kft. is in this direction the last few years as well it has characterized the near and far future intentions. This effort has led to the fact that Unify and Enterprise Group still have the approach of market leaders, thinking and living together - just as much as they did twenty years ago, when the wired technology has created the foundation for this relationship approach and market position.

What telephone cables has joined together, let no IP technology separate 3 The convergences of technologies, communication platforms have been incredibly accelerated – these are also the platforms between individuals or systems, platforms between devices. A system integrator shall have very conscious planning in from the design of passive networks to the Wi-Fi or desktop operation and it shall be carried out at international level if it is needed. Enterprise Communications is always looking for this role, ad take it if it is needed - in accordance with the Unify activities, helping each other in this endeavor.


The world is changing, but so are our companies too:

  • We are not thinking about solely telephony anymore. We are developing complex UC solutions, which is part of any communications platform that represents business value for our customers
  • Our international presence has broadened - the design and operation of active networks is now a cornerstone of our thinking as well as telecommunication facilities
  • Because of the convergence work every day for the widening of our international collaboration and presence. At the end of this road we would like to be capable of covering the entire domestic portfolio of us in international level too
  • We establish active contact with our colleagues abroad. We believe that the constant scanning and generating business opportunities, has become a two-way process in which Enterprise Communications would like to increase the importance of its role, would like to assume more responsibility - due to the previously mentioned regional leadership of Enterprise Communications
  • Our companies represent the technology to support the either Green - or brownfield investments. In international projects because of the regional characteristics in a heterogeneous environment, it is essential to have the ability to do a complete re-design, as well as protecting existing investments

What telephone cables has joined together, let no IP technology separate 2

Both companies can be proud of their past and the market leadership which has been present for decades, and their attitude based on this. From this base the future seeks even more options for us and with proactive attitude and a lot of activity of our skilled workforce, our existing and future business partners can highly benefit from our activity to keep our leading position.

It is therefore safe to say on the Unify - Enterprise Group Cooperation: What the telephone cables connected, the IP technology can only endorse.


What telephone cables has joined together, let no IP technology separate 2

Joachim Kuhn (Unify - Head of International Deal Desk) says on the same thoughts:

“Unify and EC have maintained a long-standing partnership for the benefit of our common customers. EC renewed its relationship with the Unify´s Partner Program in January 2015. Based on consistently good performance, EC also acts as a Unify Hand´s ON Partner and provides product related services to many Unify Global Accounts. In addition, EC customers benefit from Unify’s wide breadth of international activities and reach, from a well established network of partners and local Unify personnel, to ensure the same high level quality of solutions and services outside of Hungary.”