Five OpenScape Business productivity hacks designed to make your team perform better


In the world of the knowledge economy, time equals money and human productivity is king. The technology you use can either drag productivity down or raise it to new levels. Unify designed OpenScape Business with guidance to help us make the best of every hour of every day. Check out these 5 OpenScape Business productivity hacks to see how.


Tip 1: Take control of your communications and set your availability

For many people, unplanned interruptions are the #1 productivity killer. Setting your presence minimizes those interruptions and lets you focus on what’s important.


Tip 2:  Share ideas at a moment’s notice – wherever you are

There’s a quick and easy way to review documents, share files, chat, make changes all through OpenScape Web Collaboration.



Tip 3: Pick your list of stars – setting your favorites means you can get in touch with your colleagues, your customers and business partners even quicker

Are 80% of your communications with 20% of your contacts? Make them your favorites so you can connect in a click.



Tip 4: Record your calls

Whether it’s the dogs barking, sirens from cars passing on the road or just other interruptions we don’t always capture every key message during a call – Unify’s made recording calls simple which means you can listen back to the finer details you may have missed or forgotten, and always have a record of what was said.



Tip 5: CallMe! – decide when and how you want to be reached

Remaining productive on the move is essential and the CallMe! Feature in OpenScape Business routes your business number to your chosen physical devices. So callers can reach you using your normal business number.



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