Productivity Advice to CIOs (Chief Information Officers) from Bill Hurley, Chief Marketing Officer of Unify


Today’s CIOs (Chief Information Officers) have to be business-focused while creating efficiencies and growth at the same time. Having been in and out of IT for more than 30 years, Bill Hurley, the Chief Marketing Officer of Unify shares his insights on productivity tools for 2016.


“One angle that I would like to share, that might spark a different view, is to pay attention to the rise of the services economy, or what I like to call the New Demand ” - says Bill Hurley.


Contrary to 10 or 20 years ago, companies now sell more services than products. Now live in an on-demand, subscription-based world, and this has changed the way companies do business, and people live their lives.


As the guardians of corporate IT, CIOs should understand how the cloud, enhanced network connectivity, virtualization technologies, SaaS business models and other technologies are all affecting this shift, as well as how their organization can remain nimble amongst competitors.


As a result of the “New Demand”, customers want the engagement experience to be fluid, consistent, and comprehensive. The engagement experience of today requires access to all information and knowledge across the relationship spectrum at every interaction. Simply put, customers expect companies to “get them” and to know what they need. 


The CIO (Chief Information Officer) of today must be the leader of uncovering the opportunity, and then they must have the ability to communicate – in business terms – the business benefits of all of these technologies that are upon us. Who can articulate how a solution not only improves processes and efficiency, but that it does it while enhancing employee satisfaction, will ultimately drive growth.


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