Unify about customer engagement management: today's savvy customer expects a personalized experience based on all of their engagement with you.


The evolution of the contact centers towards customer engagement management (CEM) is a sign of how businesses are responding to the changes in customer conversations and customer expectations – they’re more complex with multiple channels to support, they’re more social with influences like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, they’re always on with mobile demands and global reach.


With these conversations comes compelling opportunities for businesses that the linear, voice-only world of the call center could only imagine. The digital transformation of the workplace has driven advances in lowering the cost of operating customer engagement centers while increasing the volume, type and success of conversations, and now with the addition of context, Unify is seeing measurable improvements to customer satisfaction.


Organizations are only just scratching the surface of these benefits. The exciting part is going to be what comes next, especially in the world of customer engagement analytics.


In its simplest form, customer engagement analytics combine what customers say with what they do to uncover insights and determine patterns. For many years Unify has had a combination of rules and analytics to work with that helped produce personalized customer offers. Today, there are deeper opportunities of knowing customer segments, identifying events that trigger service requests. On top of all of that, it allows to create personalized, tailored services that can only be provided by understanding such detail. With even the basics of CEM analytics in place organizations can uncover marketing opportunities from what have traditionally been reactive customer interactions.


At Unify, they know the power of analytics. That’s why they’ve included Life of Call reporting in their OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise base license. See how CEM works and looks in their latest version of OpenScape Contact Center, below.


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