Development and production

Complex, unique equipment, development and manufacture of cutting-edge technology solutions

Enterprise Group – Industry

Enterprise Group has been a leader in the innovative infocommunication services and solutions market for many years. As one of the leading system integrators in the Hungarian market, Enterprise Group offers complex solutions in business infocommunication, engineering and lifecycle management, integrated medical software development, IT consulting, and SAP implementation.

Based on many years of experience in development, we regard pioneer computer scientist Alan Kay high esteem:

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware”.

This is the reason why our new Industry division has been brought to life, which uses cutting-edge technologies in hi-tech development projects to offer complex solutions in the development and manufacturing of customized and highly-complex equipment.

In our Industry division…

Special, highly-efficient prototypes related to intelligent energy production are developed for the power industry. We develop and manufacture unique, smart, industrial lights for light technology, and ship and vehicle solutions for the automotive industry.

We undertake to develop even special and unique ideas at contemporary technical standard, for example, technical inventions seen in sci-fi movies. Nevertheless we participate in implementing customised research&development projects as well.

We offer complex hi-tech solutions - not only product development, but also consulting services are offered. Prototypes built with innovative technologies are sold in various ways: in addition to our own production, we offer contract manufacturing and provide information transfer as “know-how”.

Do you want to get your new idea professionally designed and implemented? Do not hesitate to contact use!