Top 3 Ways the Services Economy is Changing Tech – By Bill Hurley, Chief Marketing Officer of Unify


Even as far back as 2004, the International Trade Centre reported, “some analysts predict that by 2020, services will account for 50% of world trade.” This prediction was not far off. This has changed the way companies do business, and people live their lives.

So, how is the shift to the services economy changing the tech industry? Here are what Bill Hurley, CMO of Unify sees as the top three changes on how we do business, and engage with customers – all for the better.

  1. More freedom and flexibility for IT
    With IT infrastructure costs being covered by subscription models, engineers, developers, and other employees have more freedom to develop new ideas, and provide customers with improvements more frequently. No longer does an IT “upgrade” mean “rip-and-replace the infrastructure.” Rather, it involves a simple installation of software without the up-front capital expense.

  2. Mobile Workers and consumers are one in the same
    Mobile workers and mobile consumers are no longer considered separate. Workers, and therefore consumers, can switch services as they desire, work where they like and focus on what truly matters to them — services that enable them to work and live with the greatest amounts of efficiency, and delight.

  3. Each new customer is a lifelong partner
    Within the services economy, companies now have to think of each new customer as a lifelong partner. A company must provide value on a sustainable basis lest the company be abandoned for the next company who will. This also opens up opportunities for competitive advantages in the services economy.

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