About us

Why Choose Enterprise Group?

Why Choose Enterprise Group?

Miért az Enterprise Group?

Enterprise Group is a leading system integrator of innovative information system and infocommunication services and solutions in the Hungarian market. Our divisions offer complex solutions in business infocommunication (ICT), engineering and product lifecycle management (PLM), integrated healthcare software development (eHealth).

By playing a key role in further developing infocommunication systems of local companies and institutions, we directly and indirectly contribute to their improved profitability. High standard quality, a reliability, continuous innovation, technical development, customer-focused attitude, social environmental enrichment, and open communication result in successful and stable relations and long-term customer satisfaction.

Infocommunication services are primarily offered to large and medium-sized companies and institutes of public administration. The list of client include, among other customers, the Hungarian Army, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paks Nuclear Power Station, the Hungarian Oil Company ‘MOL Nyrt’, a chemical company ‘TVK Nyrt.’, the Hungarian Electricity Company ‘Magyar Villamosművek Zrt’, Budapest Public Transportation Company ‘BKV’, OTP Bank, SAP, the Ministry of Interior, and the National Ambulance Emergency Service.

Our company pays special attention to the specific IT development and security needs of institutes in the public administration sector. Our qualification, references and experience guarantee you get a long-term and stable cooperation and complex solutions customized to your individual needs. Under a master agreement concluded with the Public Procurement and Supply Directorate General (Közbeszerzési and Ellátási Főigazgatóság) we are authorized to deliver various services and solutions to our clients under centralized public procurement.

Past and future

The story of our company, a hundred percent Hungarian owned enterprise, began in 2010 by purchasing Siemens Enterprise Communications Hungary Kft. with experience of many decades. In the beginning we offered business communication and system integration services inherited from the legal predecessor. Since our strategic reorganization in 2011 we have been operating as ‘Enterprise Group’ with extended portfolio and new divisions. For we aim our systems implemented for our customers not only at present-day challenges but also questions of the future, we construct company information system solutions at high quality, in a reliable way, and with an innovative approach to real needs.